GDPR Trends

I just took a look at the recent search trends on GDPR with Google Trends. Please take a look:

The regulation was approved on the 14 April 2016. The enforcement date was last week exactly where you see that big peak in the picture.
For first I thought that the source of the search queries were mostly not companies but people looking for more information on the new regulation. If you take a look at the map below you will see that in some of the cantons the interest is significantly lower than in others. Zug, Basel, Genf and Tessin are with the most search queries.

If I compare the geographical distribution of the GDPR search queries to those of the popular reality show Die Bachelorette we’ll see a distribution that is more typical for queries triggered by bigger amounts of people.

Does this mean that most companies react just after the enforcement data of GDPR? What is your view?