Data is the world that surrounds us. We transform data to transform the world.

Panel 1

Data strategy

Data strategy projects are not the spectacular projects with cool dashboards and groundbreaking analytical results. These are projects to fix or prevent data quality issues. In spite of that data quality related questions consume most of the time and resources in analytics projects.

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Process analytics

A process analytics project enables you to analyse your processes with mathematical precision and decide on optimisations knowing the full picture. In these projects we are utilising process mining to analyse and visualise how your business processes are executed.

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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics is the most spectacular topic of analytics. Actually when you hear about analytics, big data, cyber-analytics or any similar fancy topic in the news you hear about advanced analytics.

The most exciting in advanced analytics are the unlimited possibilities.

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Panel 4

Data visualisation

Data visualisation is where the data meets us, human beings. We are not used to understand multiple gigabyte of data in a table. We need appropriate visual representation of the information to be able to make decisions.

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