Process analytics

A process analytics project enables you to analyse your processes with mathematical precision and decide on optimisations knowing the full picture. In these projects we are utilising process mining to analyse and visualise how your business processes are executed.

We do not try to figure out how your business processes are doing based on unmaintained documentation, taking samples and doing blah-blah in front of a whiteboard costing you a fortune.

We just analyse process data. Not just a sample. All of it.

Based on the results we propose optimisations of the business processes. One of the possible and popular optimisation strategies is robotic process automation (RPA). In the past years we helped our clients to achieve significant savings with the help of this technology.

How we help?

After understanding the business expectations we start with a feasibility check. We start collecting and processing log files from the relevant systems. ERP systems like SAP, CRM systems and the human workflow management systems are ideal as a starting point. We deliver the results of the process analysis in usually 5-8 weeks (depending on the process complexity this can take longer).

Also a possible scenario that you have already analysed your processes and you know that robotic process automation is what you want. In a typical RPA project we start with a business case assessment to ensure that you get value out of the automation. We deliver the first automated workflows within days after the infrastructure set-up. The length of a typical project is 6-8 weeks.

Typical topics of a process analytics project are: process efficiency, process bottlenecks, business process re-engineering, auditing of processes, process monitoring, software robotics.