Data visualisation

Data visualisation is where the data meets us, human beings. We are not used to understand multiple gigabyte of data in a table. We need appropriate visual representation of the information to be able to make decisions.

Data visualisation has been here for a while already. What is new with most of the tools is the way of interaction you can use these tools, the variety and the beauty of the visual language you can achieve as an end user with a couple of clicks – without the need for continuous help your IT department.

Most of the analytics projects start from the need of proper data visualisation. After the first couple of days the need of high data quality arises.

Statutory reports

A special visualisation area is the creation of statutory reports for authorities like FINMA.

How we help?

We help you in the selection of the right tool for your data visualisation, the right visualisation for your data or, if you need custom visualisation solutions, then even developing these using our near-shore software development capabilities.

We will deliver beautiful visualisations because we learn from the best.

If you want to build a webpage around your data we are also there to help.