About us

The founder

I’m Ferenc Győr, founder and owner of Metacortex GmbH. Welcome to our homepage.


I decided to found Metacortex because I wanted to create a company that is focusing on providing the best Analytics products and services to its clients on the Swiss market – without any compromises.

My vision is that Metacortex clients are getting the best of the combination of the startup buzz, the Big 4 can-do-attitude and the innovative thinking of a technology company.

I wanted to work with computers already as a kid so I’m lucky to have a job that is also my hobby. I’ve been in the technology consulting business even before gaining my M.Sc. in IT engineering in 2004. I had the pleasure to serve most tier 1 firms in multiple industries across Europe as I worked for technology giants, in the finance industry and for Big 4 companies.


I’m an enthusiastic coach and tutor. I actively participated in facilitating database-related studies already during my university years. Between 2012-2016 I was a part-time lecturer at the ZHAW (in German).

In my private life I enjoy doing sports, having good foods and enjoying excellent wines together with my family. Family feasts are traditionally very important for me as a Hungarian – and surely have an influence on the DNA of Metacortex…

The team

Our team is an enthusiastic team of professional engineers and consultants with strong skills in many facets of analytics and artificial intelligence. The members of the core team work together since multiple years – this is why our working style is an unique one.

We all worked for technology giants and Big 4 consulting companies. We are unique in turning your business questions into meaningful answers based on facts: based on data. Yes, we are data fanatics.

CV_LogoIf we have to scale up, we rely on trusted partners we have been working together with since years.
This is why our primary choice is the team of Clearvision. We are convinced about the quality of the services they provide, their flexibility and their speed.

Healthcare plays a significant role in our society.Medical Desktop The Doctor’s Dashboard module of the Medical Desktop software package is a Metacortex product.

Our team successfully delivered projects in multiple industries (finance, manufacturing, telecommunication, energy, utilities, pharmaceutical, B2C) and in multiple European countries. We combine a unique set of analytics expertise with deep knowledge in multiple business domains. Our experts can cover any role in a project: from test execution and professional software development to management of  programs with more than 100 project members.

No slideware

If you want a team who produce slides we are not your choice. We deliver projects aiming for data-driven results and software to process your data.

We deliver a solution and not a set of slides.