Software project management

Analytics out of box? Usually not the case. As with any project utilising information technology also analytics projects are focusing on closing the gap between the existing/out-of-the-box capabilities and the business requirements.

The methodology of an analytics project is usually based on some software delivery methodology – however

analytics projects usually have special requirements around data access, that are not to be underestimated.

A typical problem during the execution of analytics projects is establishing access to sensitive productive data to allow setting up and tuning of artificial intelligence or probabilistic algorithms.

How do we help?

As software is the soul of everything we do we also have custom software development and IT architecture projects in our portfolio.

Our project managers are not just experienced warriors of implementing projects in the environment of a technology giant or a Big 4 consulting company, they also have a strong theoretical background and certifications. We usually choose one of the below methodologies to implement our projects:

Some of our clients use their own methodologies and we are happy to adapt.